Oasis Commercial Pool  Heat Pumps

For over 25 years Oasis Heat Pumps has been providing semi- commercial and commercial Pool heating solutions for schools, large residential projects, motels and hotels, aged care facilities and more. Our heating evaluation tools provide accurate analyse of a commercial pool heating requirements and costs ensuring we provide the correct sized heat pump.  We offer locally made and imported options depending on customers sizing requirements and timelines.

Our locally made option, the Oasis NZi series are inverter technology providing a highly efficient and reliable solution for larger pools in the toughest of operating conditions and environments.  Featuring environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, Inverter compressors and cleanable titanium coil heat exchangers the NZi series also is equipped with an advanced Ice 150 Controller which can fit directly to the pump or placed remotely.  Lead-times for these pumps (they are made to order) are 4-6 weeks and they are available in 30kW, 40kW, 60kW and 80kW heating options -  refer to the attached brochure for further detail.

Our Imported commercial grade Oasis C Series commercial pool heat pumps (all 3 phase) are ranged in sizes from 38kWs through to 200kWs.  These units are proven in the field over many years as reliable workhorses and can be found throughout the country heating large indoor and outdoor pools.  Able to operate at very low temperatures they feature automatic reverse cycle defrost systems, easy to use controllers, twin titanium heat exchangers and pressure protections systems – refer to the attached brochure for further information.  Please enquire about lead-times.

Oasis Heat Pumps