Oasis Inverter i-Series Pool Heat Pumps 

Our pinnicle Oasis i-Series of Inverter heat pumps reduce energy use through their variable speed function. The i-Series heat pumps dial their power consumption up or down based on the heat demand requirements of your pool saving you up to 30% in power consumption over standard fixed speed pumps. They come with a quiet mode and as standard a Wi-Fi module for external control. The glass controller is easy to use and has a full diagnostic capability. The refridgerant is R32, environmentally safe and non-ozone depleting.

Quiet, super efficient and easy to use and install, the Oasis i-Series of heatpumps has been designed to be your perfect pool heating solution.

Oasis Urban i-Series SPA 9

The Oasis Urban i-Spa 9 Inverter Heat Pump has all the great heating features of our i-Series pumps.  Suitable for inground spas of up to 5500 litres this pump has a contemporary modern design with patented double-sided air flow for installation in tighter spaces. 

Oasis Heat Pumps
Urban ISeries Spa 9